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Adventure sessions and elopements are for those who don't mind hiking or traveling to get to those stunning locations. The Pacific Northwest is so full of jaw-dropping scenery, with mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes, waterfalls...the list goes on! Spending time in a place like this is magic, and capturing your love in a setting like this is so powerful! I want to take this adventure with you, whether you are getting married and want it to be just the two of you, you are engaged and cherish the outdoors, or celebrating your love with photographs in a seriously awesome setting. I love to explore new places!! 

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You are drawn to epic mountain scenes, cascading waterfalls, and roaring waves. You don't care about the wind or a little mud, you just want to laugh with your guy or steal kisses from your girl in a wildly awesome place. You don't mind hiking or driving a ways to get there either, not if it means adventure and exploring with your person and being able to have beautiful photos to look back on. 

I'm totally there, let's go! I'll give you location suggestions and help sort out logistics! It can be far away or close, but it's somewhere powerful and magical and EPIC.


Here's what we are looking at:

Each session includes: 

printing rights // a private online gallery // 75+ edited digital downloads

// black and white versions in addition to color versions // help with planning

I totally understand that the following prices are just starting points, and each session is unique! They are all based on 2-3 hours per session, and travel costs are not included.

Pacific Northwest Pricing: Starts at $650

U.S. Pricing: Starts at $1100

Adventure Session Info



In a gorgeous wonderful amazing setting, with just the two of you or a few of your people. You want to wear hiking boots with your dress, you want to squish sand in your toes as you share your vows, feel the spray of the waterfall, or all of the above. You want epic photos to capture this amazing day with your lobster (see Friends season 2 episode 14...), and you want this day to be about the two of you and your love.

I'm here to capture it! If you want 2 hours or 8, I want to spend it with you, helping you plan it, looking into logistics and suggesting styling tips. 

Here's the info:  

Each session includes: 

printing rights // a private online gallery // 200+ edited digital downloads

// black and white versions in addition to color versions // help with planning

The following prices are based on 3 hours of photography, and since each elopement is so special and different, I'd love to chat further for more details and a custom quote! (Travel fees are not included)

Pacific Northwest Pricing: Starts at $900

U.S. Pricing: Starts at $1500

International Pricing: Starts at $2200

Some Places I would looove to go to: 

click on each one for a link to see what it's like!

I can't wait to hear from you!

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