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How many images will you deliver?


I don't have a set number, but generally it's about 100 per hour I am there, give or take. I basically go through all of the photos from the day (including the second photographer's), cull them down to the best ones, and those are the ones I edit and give to you. I'm not stingy, but I try to not be too overwhelming. It's my job to give you all the memories from your day, and I will make sure to provide you with all of those memories! It's my aim that when you see the photos, they take you back to alllll the feels of the day.


As soon as I am finished editing the photos, I upload them to a private online gallery on my website and send you the link and password. They are all downloadable, but because there are so many photos, I also send you customized flashdrive in the mail. 


What backup process do you have? 


I bring backups of all of my equipment, just in case one of them fails. In addition, every time I take a photo my camera backs it up to a second SD card inside my camera, so two copies are being made just in case.


When I get home from a wedding, I immediately upload the photos to my computer, and then copy them all to an external hard drive as well. The hard drive is also synced to an online backup system, so the files will be backed up there too. I follow the 3-2-1 system: 3 different places, 2 seperate locations, and 1 online. It is one of my highest priorities to never lose your photos and always be prepared!


My wedding is indoors. How do you handle the lighting? 


When I am in indoor or lowlight situations, I have a flash that I can attach to the camera. The flash can be adjusted so that the light bounces off of the ceiling or walls to create a more natural light feel. I try to keep the ambience of the setting as real as possible in photos. In candlelight settings, for example, I lower the flash power so that the glow of the candles stay in tact, but there is enough light with the flash to show what is happening.


Note: if there is a setting where a flash is not approved of, I am definitely able to comply and work within those limits. I have a professional camera that can handle low light well, but a flash is usually preferable in low light. 


Why do I need an engagement session?


An engagement session is not required, but there are a lot of benefits to it! It's a great time to get to know me as a photographer, and for getting a little more comfortable in front of the camera. It's a much more relaxed setting than on a wedding day, with more time to spend on just the two of you as you start the beginning of the rest of your lives. And you get spectacular photos to share, use for invites and save the dates, and to generally look back on this amazing part of your lives!


You will also experience how I shoot as well as how I handle posing and lighting. Knowing how the two of you interact and learning your comfort level in front of the camera before your big day helps me get a better feel for how to photograph you. It is also an opportunity to try out makeup and hair.


Also ....it's so FUN! It's basically a date! ...with me as your third wheel! 


What is an adventure engagement session?


An adventure session is a photo shoot that takes place at an EPIC location: mountains, lake, beach, anywhere awesome, and generally is an "adventure" because it may take a bit longer to get to. Amazing views of the valley, for example, may require a hike, and taking photos at the Painted Hills would require quite a drive to get to. But Totally.Worth.It! My pricing varies due to travel. Here is more information: https://www.stefanirosephotography.com/adventure-sessions-and-elopements

Why do I need a second photographer?


A second photographer has a lot of different functions: covers different angles during situations (during the first look and ceremony especially to cover both parties), takes candid photos of guests when I am doing portraits with the couple, helps get detail shots, essentially provides twice the coverage (I can't be everywhere at once), and acts as my assistant when needed. I used to work without a second photographer, but now I find it to be too helpful and coverage is so much better having someone else, so I now require it for my weddings that are over 4 hours.


Do you travel?


Yes! At the beginning of 2020 I started offering travel options both in the U.S. and international, and

I'm so excited about it! Travelling prices are dependent upon location and availability, so please feel free to ask!


What happens if you get sick and aren't able to photograph our wedding?


I will do everything I can to be there, but if the unlikely situation arises where I just physically am unable to, I have an extensive network of photographers who I can contact to fill in. My second photographer is also capable of filling in for me, but I would spend every moment reaching out to photographers to find someone who can take my place. I consider it my duty and obligation to provide someone else if I should fall ill.

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